National Green Crops

In-Charge: Mrs. Johncy Gettcheyal

The motto of JRC is “MY DUTY IS TO SERVE”. The founder of Junior Red Cross is Mr.. Henry Donald.

Aims & Objectives

  • To make the students to understand environment and its related problems.
  • To provide environmental education for students.
  • To create awareness among the society about environment.
  • To facilitate students’ participation in decision making in areas related to environmental development.
  • To bring the students into direct contact with environmental problems facing the society they live in and make them find out the solution.

Activities in School

  • Cleaning the school campus.
  • Planting saplings of different varieties.
  • Fixing the Botanical name boards on the trees of the campus

We do conduct skits,dramas, elocution,debates in our school to create awareness of the Eco vision among the students.