Our Facilities

The Stage

The newly renovated stage in front of the administrative office is used to conduct not only the morning assembly but also the other cultural activities. The assembly ground in front of the stage is well shaded with trees which are ideal for conducting morning assembly.

The RO System

The school provides drinking water purified by Reverse Osmosis System for all the students.

Class Rooms

Our school consists of well furnished class rooms for all the students from STD VI to XII.

Smart Class

A special room is allotted for conducting smart class for students of all classes aided with computer and internet facility. The same class room is also used for on line teaching by the educational experts.

Science Laboratories

We have spacious and well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology courses. We also have a separate lab for high school students.

Computer Centre

A modernised computer lab accomplished with more than 50 computers is used to inculcate better computer education among the students. There is a class room attached with the lab meant for conducting theory classes.


Our school is under the surveillance of C.C.T.V Cameras in order to watch the students’ movements outside the class rooms.

School Bus

The school provides bus facility for the students from surrounding places.