School History

In the beginning the school was started as a primary school by the Methodist missionaries then it was upgraded as a middle school in the year 1941. Then from the year 1943 it has started growing and in the year 1945 the school has become a full fledged high school by the efforts taken by Mrs.Barnes. It was decided to name the school as CSI Corley High School in the year 1943. Mr.Ferrend Edward Corley was a Methodist missionary and worked in Madras Christian College.

In the year 1946 the first batch of students were sent for the Govt. Public Examination. Then the school was run with students of standard 6 to 11 eliminating the primary sections. In the academic year 1978 – 1979 the school was upgraded as a Higher Secondary school by the Government of Tamil Nadu. The Golden Jubilee was celebrated in the academic year 1989 – 1990. From the year 2003 girl students were admitted in the school from standard 6th. The school exhibits the Christian traditions and values. It prepares the students in such a way that they would be useful to the society.

In the year 2009 a modern computer lab was started with 106 computers. The Corley Chapel was built and dedicated in the year 2009 for the usage of students and members of staff.

A new lab for high school students, a new hall to conduct the smart class, a basket ball court in the international standard were constructed and dedicated in the year 2012.The school provides drinking water for all the students with R.O purifying system. In this year 2014 the Corley stage is renovated and dedicated for the use of the students

The school walks in the path of progress and development with the valuable guidance of our Bishop, the manager of diocesan schools.

Our Mission

Our Mission is sought to be achieved by:

  • Training and mentoring learners in liberal arts and sciences
  • Helping them to acquire communicative competence
  • Stimulating quality culture in learning,Providing unlimited opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to impart holistic education at affordable cost, training and moulding young boys and girls to be intellectually sound, morally upright, socially sensitive and spiritually perfect; meeting global challenges and be specially.